1. Thousands of people die in this world everyday and pass into oblivion. Sham Singh’s martyrdom had meaning and a significance . It is one of those sacrifices which keep a nation alive and serve as a beacon guide to the coming generations. A nation without traditions of sacrifice and devotion has no right to exist as such. Sham Singh’s extreme act of gallantry has not gone in vain Shah Mohd, the famous Punjabi poet immortalized him in his epic peon. Today the country remembers him with gratitude. A befitting memorial is yet to be erected at his native village at Attari,  though a beautiful portrait of his hangs in the Sikh Regimental Centre museum a good reminder to our young soldiers of the stuff we are made of.

2. We look upon people all over the globe to come forward to donate liberally to set up a world class Museum at the memorial site with a auditorium to preserve the heritage and help the trust to carryout all the charitable activities listed in our Aims & Objectives.

3. The Trust is a registered body and working in this direction since 1998 as a NGO and shall gratefully acknowledge all your contribution and the same will be reflected on our website.